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3 Fun Facts about Recycling in Canada You Must Know

Post: May 17, 2023 / Post By : Admin

Recycling is essential to waste management and has been a significant concern for Canada for decades. The country has made impressive strides in recycling, and it has become a fundamental aspect of Canadian life. Here are three fun facts about it you must know:

Canadians Love Recycling, but They Can Recycle More

Canadians are some of the most dedicated recyclers in the world. According to research, 98 percent of Canadians are avid recyclers and try to recycle some of their waste. However, despite their dedication to recycling, Canadians can still recycle more. Canada has one of the lowest recycling rates among developed countries, recycling only nine percent of its plastic waste. This low rate is partly due to Canada’s need for a comprehensive recycling system. 

The country has a patchwork of recycling regulations that vary between provinces and territories, making it difficult for Canadians to know what they can or cannot recycle. However, the Canadian government is trying to improve recycling and reduce waste. The Canadian government announced a plan to ban single-use plastics by the end of 2021, which will help to reduce plastic waste and increase recycling.

Canada Recycles Some Unusual Items

Canada is known for its innovation and creativity, which extends to its recycling efforts. Canadians recycle more than the usual items like paper, plastic, and glass. Canada recycles some unusual items that may surprise you. For example, in 2012, the Canadian-based company Terracycle launched a recycling program for cigarette butts. The program collects cigarette butts and recycles them into plastic pellets that can be made into new products. This initiative helps to reduce litter and pollution caused by cigarettes.

Recycling Creates Jobs in Canada

Recycling not only reduces waste and protects the environment, but it also creates jobs in Canada. The recycling industry in Canada employs over 3,000 people and generates over $1 billion in economic activity each year in recycling facilities alone. Recycling is a growing industry in Canada, and it provides opportunities for Canadians to work in various roles, including waste management, sorting and processing, and research and development. 

It also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their recycling businesses and contribute to the industry’s growth. So recycling is not only good for the environment, it is also good for the Canadian economy.

Be Part of the Recycling Revolution in Canada

Recycling is essential to waste management in Canada and has become a fundamental aspect of Canadian life. While Canadians are dedicated recyclers, there is still room for improvement. The Canadian government is making efforts to improve recycling and reduce waste, and initiatives like the ban on single-use plastics will help to increase recycling rates. Canada is also known for its innovation in recycling and recycling some unusual items like cigarette butts and hockey sticks. Recycling helps protect the environment, creates jobs, and contributes to the Canadian economy.

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