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Litter Free: Where to Put Commercial Dumpsters in Your Office

Post: June 29, 2022 / Post By : Admin

It is prudent to have your office thoroughly cleaned weekly. It would give your team a fresh start once the work week starts. However, litter can still pile up midweek.

Thankfully, you can have a commercial dumpster rental. Having them will give your team a subtle nudge on where to throw their garbage. Doing this will also help your staff keep their spaces clean throughout the week. 

The question is, where do you put the bins. If you do not have the answer to this question, you should keep your eyes glued to the screen. This blog will help you make the most of your commercial dumpster rental.

Place Them in Busy Spots

You must place your bins in spots where your staff will pass by. They will be reminded to throw their litter in the container. To maximize the efficiency of your commercial dumpster rental, you should place your bin in spots that attract many people. It can be the lobby, the corridors, the corridors, the cafeteria, and the office lounge.

Ensure that your bin and its location are in sight. Employees will not have a hard time taking their trash to the bin. They know where it is and how to get it. You can also place your bin outside your office building.  

Your commercial dumpster rental can be used to dump trash outside the building. It will keep the public area clean and the neighbourhood happy.

Put More Dumpsters

Most offices have limited space. It means that you cannot place dumpsters in all areas that employees pass by. They can be placed in spots that will maximize use and can also be placed in areas where waste is collected regularly.

You can consider having a dumpster for each floor because this will give your employees a chance to throw their litter in the right spot. You can also assign a bin per department or area. You will love the outcome if you do this.

You will save on time, effort, and money if you hire a commercial dumpster rental. It is because you do not have to get the services of a company to remove the trash. You can do it yourself.

Encourage and Emphasize Recycling

You must give your employees a chance to recycle. You can do this by adding a recycling spot next to the dumpsters and can also add some recycling bins for specific materials. For instance, you can add a recycling bin for plastic, glass, and paper. 

Doing this will help your employees recycle and replace the waste with new things. Your business will be eco-friendly, and your environment will be cleaner.

Use a Signage

Please do not make your employees guess where to throw their litter. Instead, make it easier for them. Put up signage on the dumpsters and the bins. It must show what goes in each bin.  

You should also include a recycling sign, so your staff knows where to recycle. If you do not have the time to do it by yourself, you can seek the help of a professional company that can help you. 


You can hire a commercial dumpster rental to keep your business clean. Throw unwanted trash in the dumpster. Do not let the trash pile up because this will make your business dirty and smelly.

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