Whether you need a disposal bin for a few weeks, a few days or even just a few hours, LitterBug can handle any clean up task. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, we are happy to provide affordable pricing and reliability that will serve you well for the long run too.

Small Crane Services

LitterBug offers small crane services that support the removal of all types of products. With a 1-ton payload capacity as well as pickup and delivery services on a flat-bed vehicle, no job is too big or too small.


Our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as we can when it comes to waste removal and disposal. You can be assured that the waste we remove is taken straight to a recycling facility where it is dealt with in a responsible and safe manner. You can relax and feel good knowing your unwanted goods and scrap material aren’t a complete waste.

Junk Removal

Freeing yourself from unsightly junk and unwanted items from around your home can be daunting. LitterBug handles even the biggest clean up jobs including backyard, garage, attic and basement clean ups. Choose an appropriately sized disposal bin for your situation and expect hassle-free delivery and pickup at a very affordable price.

Residential Services

Are you ready to get rid of some unwanted clutter or are you trying to figure out how to clean up from your latest construction project? With LitterBug, your in-home waste removal needs are handled reliably and efficiently every time. Choose the disposal bin that suits the size of your clean up project and we will handle the rest.