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Trash Talks: What You Need to Know About Canada’s Recycling

Post: July 13, 2022 / Post By : Admin

Recycling is not that simple. Even in Canada, recycling laws differ from one province to another and vary from one city to another. The criteria for what can be recycled and what cannot are different for every local government. Some things are banned from being recycled, while others require a special license or permit.

Before you rent garbage bins, you should learn more about recycling. Doing so will allow you to recycle and dispose of your junk correctly. It is also a good idea to visit the recycling centres in your area and see what they accept. You will immediately realize that not everything can be recycled.

Why Do We Stink in Recycling?

Even in a developed country like ours, we are still lousy at recycling. Though putting signs on garbage bins helps, it is still very confusing for people. But why do we stink in recycling?

Not everybody has the same idea about recycling. People use various recycling methods. That is why some things are recycled, but others are thrown away.

The local government is also partly responsible for our bad reputation for recycling. The cities and towns have different recycling laws. These laws sometimes confuse people and end up dumping all of their junk in garbage bins or landfills.

Some people also do not know how to sort and recycle their junk effectively. Some people even throw recyclable items into garbage bins and do not sort them at all. It makes it very difficult for garbage collectors to sort the garbage.

Even if they know how to sort and recycle, they are often confused by the different recycling bins available at the recycling centres. They do not know what to put in which bin.

Canada’s Dirty Recycling Secret

Did you know that Canada is one of the biggest garbage producers in the world? In 2019, Statista reported that our country produces more than a billion metric tons of garbage. What is more disturbing is that most of our waste is not recycled.  

Without proper recycling, Canada will reach landfill capacity in a few years. That is why we need to improve our recycling habits. We need to sort and recycle our garbage to avert a crisis.

As mentioned, different provinces and cities have different recycling laws. It means that sorting and recycling becomes even more confusing.

What Cannot Be Recycled in Canada?

There are a few things that cannot be recycled in Canada. One of the most common materials that are not recycled is pizza boxes because they have food waste. Even if you have already scraped off all the food, it is still considered contaminated.

Most provinces do not allow recycling foil chip bags and candy wrappers. But in some areas, you can recycle these wrappers without any problem. Do not think that because you are recycling, you can dump the rest.  


It doesn’t matter where you live in Canada, you have to deal with the same problems. The recycling laws differ from one province to the other. First, you have to learn the recycling rules of your area to make sure you do not dump your trash in the wrong spot. Then, you have to get the right bin to store your garbage in the right way.

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