What Exactly Can Go In a Dumpster Rental When Using One?

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What Exactly Can Go In a Dumpster Rental When Using One?

Post: December 15, 2022 / Post By : Admin

A dumpster rental is a large container that is typically used for disposing of large amounts of waste or debris. They can be rented from various businesses and are perfect for large clean-up projects like home renovations or construction site clean-ups.

If you’re looking to rent a dumpster, it’s important to know what can and cannot go in it. There are plenty of things that shouldn’t go into the bin, from hazardous waste to big electronic items. Meanwhile, as for what can go in a dumpster rental, here are a couple of examples:

1) Household Garbage

All the normal stuff you’d find in your garbage can at home is generally considered the most common type of waste that goes into a dumpster. To be more specific, household garbage includes things like food waste, paper products, and general trash. Scraps and old clothes can also be thrown into the bin, though it’s ideal to check in with your dumpster rental provider.

2) Wooden Furniture Pieces

While you may not want to get rid of all your wooden furniture, some pieces can go into the dumpster. For example, an old broken dresser or a table with a wobbly leg can probably be thrown out. Just make sure that any nails or screws are removed before placing the furniture in the bin. Larger fixtures will likely be subject to approval.

3) Small Kitchen Appliances

If you’re getting rid of old kitchen appliances, most of them can go in the dumpster. Toasters, microwaves, and blenders can all be thrown away. However, your fridge, stove, and the oven will likely be too big to fit in the bin.

4) Empty Aerosol Cans

Most aerosol cans are safe to throw in the dumpster as long as they’re empty. However, you can’t dispose of full cans of paint or other chemicals. If you’re unsure, make sure to ask and coordinate with your dumpster rental company.

5) Alkaline Batteries

Dumpsters are a good place to dispose of alkaline batteries. They’re not harmful to the environment and can be safely disposed of in the bin. Plus, a dumpster rental may just be able to recycle them afterward.

6) Yard Waste and Dirt

Yard waste, such as weeds and fallen branches, is also safe to throw in a dumpster, along with the occasional dirt. The key is to ensure that the yard waste and dirt aren’t mixed with hazardous waste. If they are, you’ll need to separate them out.

7) Minimal Demolition Debris

Minimal demolition debris is usually safe to throw in a dumpster, too. This includes small pieces of wood, drywall, and tile. If you’re planning on doing a larger-scale demolition, however, you should talk to the dumpster rental company about what to do with the debris.


It is important to know what items are allowed to go in the dumpster, as well as the weight and size limits of the dumpster. By following all these guidelines, you can ensure that your dumpster rental experience goes smoothly.

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